Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pekin Main Street's Friday Night Family Fest Rescheduled for Friday, September 21st

Pekin Main Street’s annual Friday Night Family Fest will be held on Friday, September 21, 2012, from 5:00-10:00 p.m. on the Courthouse Square in Downtown Pekin. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy this fun family event. All of the offerings from the original evening planned for September 7th will be present at the rescheduled event.

Pre-show entertainment will begin on the Pekin Insurance Main Stage at Elizabeth and Capitol Streets at 5:00pm with the band Flying Crazy Monkeyz. The Pekin’s Got Talent competition will kick off at 7:00 with popular DJ “Dr” Chris Michaels from 104.9 The Wolf hosting. After 2 prior rounds of auditions, the field of contestants has been narrowed down to the top 10. These ten contestants will be competing for cash prizes generously donated by Herget Bank. Contestants are: Libby Green, Bailey Haynes, Emory Milot, Amber Autrey, Donnie Engelbrecht, Bryonna Blanch, Cody Salem and Seth Johnson, Breanne Carroll and Courtney Richmond, Allison Lowman and Jessie Long. The judges for the competition are Tom Edwards, Felicia Canamore and Dennis Hilst. The Papa Murphy’s Fan Favorite Award will also be presented to the contestant who generated the most votes in an in-store contest at Papa Murphy’s Pizza in Pekin.

The A & W/Long John Silver’s Court Street Stage, on the corner of Court and Fourth Streets, will feature live music by a local band, from 7-10:00 p.m.

The Unique Twist will be at the event to entertain and delight children of all ages with their fantastic balloon creations. The A&W bear will make an appearance.

Families can enjoy great music and entertainment while sampling food from over 15 different food vendors, including pork chop sandwiches, tenderloins, gyros, grilled specialties, Italian beef sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, funnel cakes, ice cream, barbeque, pizza, lemonade shake-ups and more. Food vendors will line Court, Capitol and Elizabeth Streets.

In the event of rain, the final round of Pekin’s Got Talent will be on Monday, September 24th at the Pekin Public Library.

Event hosted by Pekin Main Street and major event sponsors are Pekin Insurance and A&W/Long John Silvers of Pekin. For more information, please call the Pekin Main Street office at (309) 353-3100 or visit our website at

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marigold 5K Results

Congratulations to the overall female and male winners, Kate Gorman and Andy Bloom.  They are pictures with Guy Cahill, president of the Pekin Summer Baseball.


Female Overall   Kate Gorman 22:09
14 and Under 1st Haley Peterson 27:48
  2nd Audrey Driskol 39:42
  3rd Summer Watson 39:47
15-19 1st    
20-29 1st Mallory Miller 25:08
  2nd Jennifer Dill 25:14
  3rd Megan Bomer 25:46
30-39 1st Emily Rivera 23:13
  2nd Sharon Kilmor 23:52
  3rd Amy Watson 24:40
40-49 1st Heidi Shaw 24:51
  2nd Holly Payne 25:20
  3rd Shelly Bastean 25:35
50-59 1st Jane Miller 24:49
  2nd Diane Legaspi 24:59
  3rd Sheryl Salisbury 26:37
 60 and Over 1st Judy Kemper 29:38

Male Overall   Andy Bloom 17:06
14 and Under 1st Jarrod Presley 22:30
  2nd Isaiah Fleerman 28:42
  3rd Dalton Mullis 35:46
15-19 1st Andrew Carlson 23:27
20-29 1st Robert Deatherage 18:37
  2nd Eric White 20:42
  3rd Alan Wilson 22:26
30-39 1st Paul Driskoll 21:30
  2nd Dave Calvert 22:31
  3rd Frank Eveland 22:51
40-49 1st Dave Nordhielm 17:43
  2nd Jeff Rebholz 18:29
  3rd Graig Mitchell  20:18
50-59 1st Mark Wertz 24:42
  2nd Ollie Nanyes 25:32
  3rd Bruce Woll 33:21
 60 and Over 1st Bill Holmes 25:02
  2nd Bill Washburn 26:53

2012 Marigold 5K Results
1 Andy Bloom 17:06.f
2 Dave Nordhielm 17:43.f
3 Jeff Rebholz 18:27.f
4 Robert Deatherage 18:37.f
5 Craig Mitchell 20:18.f
6 Eric White 20:42.f
7 Tommy Wienke 21:00.f
8 Paul Driskell 21:30.f
9 Kate Gorman 22:09.f
10 Alan Wilson 22:26.f
11 John Riley 22:29.f
12 Jarod Presley 22:30.f
13 Dave Calvert 22:31.f
14 Frank Eveland 22:51.f
15 Emily Rivera 23:14.f
16 Andrew Carlson 23:27.f
17 Jerry Kolb 23:39.f
18 Sharon Kilmore 23:52.f
19 Amy Watson 24:14.f
20 Rick Towery 24:18.f
21 Matt Snell 24:32.f
22 Mark Wertz 24:42.f
23 Jane Miller 24:49.f
24 Heidi Shaw 24:51.f
25 Christina Calvert 24:52.f
26 Scott Sokolowski 24:53.f
27 Keith De Santy 24:55.f
28 Timothy Jacobs 24:57.f
29 Diane Legaspi 24:59.f
30 Bill Holmes 25:02.f
31 Mallory Miller 25:08.f
32 Jennifer Dill 25:14.f
33 Noel Shelton 25:19.f
34 Holly Payne 25:20.f
35 Ollie Nanyes 25:32.f
36 Shelly Bastean 25:35.f
37 Edward Bastean 25:35.f
38 Megan Bomer 25:46.f
39 Brandy Baily 26:00.f
40 Michael Reuschel 26:01.f
41 Tim Pritcher  26:08.f
42 Kim Moore 26:33.f
43 Sheryl Salisbury 26:37.f
44 Bill Washburn 26:53.f
45 Aaron Evans 27:16.f
46 Haley Peterson 27:48.f
47 Courtney Evans 27:53.f
48 Timmy Leichtenberg 28:01.f
49 Michelle Nordstrom 28:12.f
50 Chuck Kennedy 28:12.f
51 Isaiah Fleerman 28:42.f
52 Courtney Burkey 28:46.f
53 Lynn Brown 28:49.f
54 Stacey Potts 28:50.f
55 Niki Oertle 28:55.f
56 Jennifer Kennedy 29:05.f
57 Patty Graves 29:07.f
58 Ruth Thompson 29:26.f
59 Erin Van Dyke 29:26.f
60 Judy Kemper 29:38.f
61 Jeremy Evans 30:08.f
62 Gale Abernathy 30:38.f
63 Rachel Stufflebeam 30:50.f
64 Michael Heine 31:03.f
65 Andrew Dill 31:08.f
66 Bobbi Mullis 31:27.f
67 Karmin Sims 31:58.f
68 Kara Fitzgerrald 32:08.f
69 Tiffany Eccles 32:49.f
70 Mary Wickiser 33:07.f
71 Nancy Heaton 33:09.f
72 Marcy Becker 33:17.f
73 Jerry Becker 33:18.f
74 Bruce Woll 33:21.f
75 Clarice Chick 34:08.f
76 Jodi Jacobs 34:23.f
77 Dan Fitzgerrald 35:03.f
78 Chelsea Tregoning 35:18.f
79 Christie McDuff 35:21.f
80 Dalton Mullis 35:46.f
81 Chris Mullis 35:50.f
82 Julie Peck 36:12.f
83 John Wilkiser 36:28.f
84 Holly Lhamon 37:00.f
85 Shawn Tisdale 38:18.f
86 Carol Tisdale 38:18.f
87 Angela Knight 38:20.f
88 Kim Moss 38:24.f
89 Julia Nelms 38:25.f
90 Leslie Leitner 38:26.f
91 Audrey Driskol 39:42.f
92 Summer Watson 39:47.f