Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 Marigold Festival

The 2008 Pekin Marigold Festival was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who volunteered or participated. In particular, thanks to our sponsors, Ameren, CAT, CenturyTel, Jimmy Johns, MGP Ingredients, NTS Telephone Company, Pekin Insurance, Pepsi, and Aventine Renewable Energy. Finally, congratulations and thanks to Greg Henderson, this year's festival chairman, and the rest of the committee: Jan Becker, Todd Campbell, Tom Elliott, Gloria Fangmeier, Rich Gafford, Brian Garman, Gary Gillis, Doug Godke, Rose Hasler, Camille McCarty, Julie Nelson, Greg Ranney, Shannon Sandoval, Doug Snell, Val Springborn, Amy Whiting, Eric White, and Mike Vonderheide. You can see more pictures from the festival by visiting the Chamber's picture page at: