Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kids Stock Garden Tractor Pull

Come watch or participate in this St. Jude fundraiser on Sunday, September 11th from 1:00 to 5:00pm.  The event will be located on the fields east of the 4-H Shelters (behind Monicals & San Juan Pool area).  Entry fee is just $20 and donations to St. Jude's will also be accepted. 

Garden Tractor Pulling Rules

 1.  Factory stock Lawn & Garden Tractor from 8 hp to 20 hp, front engine, operated with hand throttle. No rear engine riders. Properly operating engine governor.

2.  Rear tires – no wider than 26 x12x12. No dual wheels. No track vehicles.

3.  No more than 150 lbs. of additional weights.

4.  Front weight bracket must not be extended 18” past the front part of the tractor frame. Stock rear hitch.

5.  May use factory stock muffler or straight pipes.

6.  Parents are allowed/encouraged to walk beside tractor with child operating.

7.  Mower decks may stay mounted on tractor but PTO and blades must be turned off!

8.  No aggressive starts pulling front wheels or skid plate off the ground.

9.  Any tractor operated in an unsafe manner on or off the track will be disqualified.

10.  All tractors pull in 1st gear unless otherwise instructed.

11.  Drivers must remain seated at all times and have one hand on the steering wheel while pulling.

12.  Open to kids 16 years of age and younger. Everyone must sign parental consent and liability waiver.

13.  All tractors subject to tech inspection prior to participating in the tractor pull.

14.  If tractor wheels lift off the ground more than 2 inches, you will be flagged to stop the tractor.

15.  Must wear shirt and shoes. No open toes shoes will be allowed.

16.  Safety First!