Monday, September 14, 2015

NRG Chalk Art Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated. The numbers indicate which sidewalk "square" they were working on.

Grand Prize: Katelyn Pruitt (9)
Best in Show: Sara Poynter (5)
Best in Theme: Gabrielle Gonzales (6)...
Best Use of Color: Jessica Anderson (16)
Best Use of 3D: Kagan Masters (22)
Best Reproduction of a Masters Work: Stacy Zimmerman (2)
4-6th Grade 1st Place: Anna Soupos (7)
7-8th Grade 1st Place: Haley Yates (15)
High School 1st Place: Rebekah Broeker (13)
Adult 1st Place: Heather Stone (20)
Miss Marigold Choice: Terin Berry (30)
Grand Marshal Choice: Sara Poynter (5)
Festival Chairman Choice: Kagan Masters (22)
Honorable Mention: Jared Clemons (1)
Honorable Mention: Carlie (3)
Honorable Mention: Izabella Lane (17)
Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Bishop (23)
Honorable Mention: Malina Rose Overholt (28)

You can see pictures at